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The Book

Life Balance: Science and Stories of Everyday Living

What is life balance? How do you create a balanced life? And more importantly, If you have a balanced life, is it a better life? Five scientists who spent their career studying life balance gathered for cocktails at an international conference. When the author asked them this question “what are the five things we can agree on about life balance?” they came to a consensus within a minute.

Life Balance: Science and Stories of Everyday Living shares those five characteristics of life balance and supports each point with current research. The science is summarized in refreshing, easy to follow language that clarifies why this topic is timely and relevant to modern lives.

The research comes alive with personal stories from interviews of people in various life stages. They share the challenges and joys in their journeys to a balanced life. Chapter exercises encourage self-reflection that may provide useful insights about your life choices. Take the opportunity to learn about life balance, examine your own life choices, and make positive changes in your life.